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Titel: Adult

Beskrivelse: At 11.30, July 30, 2001 local Ribe-birder Michael Schwalbe discovered an odd small stint in a small marshy area just north of Kammerslusen, near Ribe, southern Jutland. He quickly alerted other birders and after 1 hour and 45 minutes they felt confident enought ro report it as the first ever Red-necked Stint in Denmark. A steady stream of twitchers arrived at the site and had views of the bird until 18.46 when it flew off. Then at 21.27 the bird was reported again at the small marshy area - sleeping! The next day the bird was looked for all morning but first at 11.05 it was rediscovered and seen until 17.46. The bird's habit of leaving the locality was associated with the tide only being seen at high tide. During low tide is was probably feeding outside the dike somewhere in the Waddenzee. The third day it was even harder to see, which was the first day that I was able to go for it. After an eight hour search the bird suddenly appeared at the same spot at 14.30 and flew off

Uploadet 2001-08-30 Publiceret 2001-08-30 Calidris ruficollis Red-necked Stint

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