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Now that you have a bird feeder and want to create a feeding station, you may be asking yourself the following question: What is the BEST area in my yard to put my bird feeders? First, congratulations to you for even thinking about this topic! Many people just put their bird feeders hanging from a pole in the middle of their yard without any […] The post Where’s the BEST place to put your bird feeders? (8 tips) appeared first on Bird Watching HQ.

A damning parliamentary report has highlighted the failure to monitor, regulate and invest in the cleanliness of our rivers – and called for change. WWT is strongly supportive of the report, released by the Environment Audit Committee, and agrees that more investment is needed in the sort of nature-based solutions recommended by the committee. Wetlands are particularly […]

Igen i dag var vejret fint, med relativ lidt vind og også en del sol i starten. Da jeg i morges stod og pudsede sand af stationens teleskop (det var tiltrængt), kom Jonas og Kurt kort forbi stationen...

RSPB Scotland criticises the announcement on offshore wind saying it could be a disaster for Scotland’s seabirds. In response to the announcement on ScotWind offshore leases, RSPB Scotland has issued the following statement: Aedan Smith, Head of Policy and Advocacy for RSPB Scotland, said: “Today’s announcement from the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon that huge new […]

af Michael Mosebo Jensen Langtur søndag d. 23. januar kl.?? - til ???? Ja, der er sat flere spørgsmålstegn ved denne tur, men sådan har det også været i...

Vejret i dag var meget behageligere end de sidste par dage, og da jeg nåede op til bunkeren ved Sydhukket blev jeg mødt af et helt fantastisk smukt syn. Havet lå ret stille, og fordi solen skinnede...

The festival will now be known as Global Birdfair, and in 2022, it will take place July 15-17. Read More "Britain’s Birdfair to return in 2022"

Nature lovers across the South Pennines are being asked to support efforts to stop a rare and secretive songbird disappearing from the area’s uplands. Twite, a species known locally as the Pennine finch, were once a common sight on moorland throughout the region. But a lack of food and suitable nesting sites, coupled with the impact of moorland fires, are believed to be behind a sharp […]

Af Esben Eriksen Fra midten af oktober dukker Vandstæren op ved de fynske vandløb. Som barn husker jeg, at vi fra efterårsferien af begyndte at stoppe ved Brobyværk...

90 years of Christmas Bird Count data tease apart the effects of habitat loss and warming temperatures on winter bird distributions.

I dag var en meget rolig dag på stationen. Der er stadig relativt meget vind, og der kom flere regnbyger i løbet af formiddagen, hvilket alt i alt gjorde, at dagen føltes meget kold fra start til slut....

I løbet af det seneste år er der konstateret dødsfald på grund af fugleinfluenza blandt mindst 33 arter af vilde fugle i Danmark. Særligt arter, som færdes i flokke, er hårdt ramt. Der er mange dødsfald blandt sangsvaner, bramgæs og knopsvaner. Men også vandrefalke, musvåger og tårnfalke er bukket under på grund af virus.

Do you need a way to keep squirrels out of your feeders? Maybe you’ve spent time and money finding bird feeders that claim to keep squirrels out, but these tenacious little mammals have found a way into each one. Or, you might have a collection of feeders you love already, but they aren’t squirrel-proof. Either way, your bird feeder pole could be the answer you’ve […] The post The 2 Best SQUIRREL-PROOF Bird Feeder Poles! (2022) appeared first on Bird Watching HQ.

Water Priorities for 2022 Legislative Session.

I think your bird feeder pole is just as important as your bird feeders! It’s not particularly exciting will almost never be the center of attention, but it’s the backbone of your feeding station. Your bird feeding pole sits there every day doing its job, holding up your feeders. But, like your health or a functioning toilet, you don’t appreciate your bird feeder pole […] The post 7 Things to Consider When Buying a Bird Feeder Pole! appeared first on Bird Watching HQ.

Your bird feeder pole is the true unsung hero in your backyard. It’s not glamorous, or exciting. It will never be the center of attention (even though it’s located at the center of your backyard feeding station.) But your bird feeder pole system could be the most important investment you make in your bird feeding hobby! Remember that your bird feeders are only as […] The post The 8 BEST Bird Feeder Poles! (ALL price ranges) appeared first on Bird Watching HQ.

The weather has changed a lot last this week. There have been days with strong northerly winds, temperatures have been going up and down and we have even had some rain. The net result of this is that all paths and roads where the snow has been pressed down have now turned into ice rinks and you risk your life or at least the odd bone or two if you venture off gritted paths. Last Saturday I avoided these perils by being lucky enough to accompany Halvard out on his boat although there was ice on the fjord in places which we had to sail through. It was a lovely windless but cold day and we enjoyed a magnificent sunrise. I had hopes of seeing King Eider or at a minimum getting my first Shag of the year but had to be content with various good wintering birds such as Purple Sandpiper, Red-throated Diver, Long-tailed Duck, Twite and Rock Pipit. Other than this I can jut report how few birds there are this winter and I have even contemplated going to the dump to look for gulls but have so far remained strong. My smelly stream seems to have lost its appeal for snipe with just a single Jack noted this week. Whether this is due to milder weather or the birds having moved on will perhaps only be clear when we have the next snow fall and other sites become unavailable. I visited the Water Rails at Østensjøvannet today and saw three birds. Interestingly two fed closely together but the third bird (an adult) was not tolerated at all by one of the other two (a 1st winter) which repeatedly chased it away and eventually caused it to fly off to another area. A nice way to start the day. 08:48 on Saturday as we headed out onto the fjord male Long-tailed Duck (havelle) - we usually only see young birds so this was a treat Purple Sandpipers (fjæreplytt) Maridalen has been very disappointing and this Great Grey Shrike (varsler) was the clear stand out bird a new sign has been put up encouraging photographers to show restraint in their attempts to get an even better picture of the Water Rail than they have from before. It features one of my pictures 😀 the two friendly Water Rails (vannrikse) and the lone and bullied bird. Grey chin should make this an adult the aggresive bird of the pair same bird - white chin should make it a 1st winter Jack Snipe (kvartbekkasin)

20. jan. 2022 kl. 15:31
A fourth generation, family-owned Montana cattle ranch committed to providing delicious and nutritious food to our community.

Der indkaldes til ordinær generalforsamling i DOF Fyn, onsdag den 9. februar kl. 19.00. Som Coronasituationen er nu, afholdes generalforsamlingen i foreningens...

Are moorlands destined to be tree and sheep covered or are there alternatives The post What future for the British uplands? appeared first on British Ornithologists' Union.

The scene is a grim one: rangers wearing protective gear paddle out in a dinghy to the middle of Hula Lake, Israel, to start retrieving the dead Common Cranes scattered across the water. Their job is cut out for them: more than 5,000 cranes succumbed to the recent bird flu outbreak, which hit Israel in […]

Hej igen derude! I dag stod den på obs fra sabinebunkeren, da der var lovet godt med vind. Og det blev det også til, for middelvinden nåede helt op omkring 19 m/s fra NNV i morges, kort inden jeg smuttede...

Did you find a purple wildflower in the United States? If so, I’m sure you’re wondering what type of wildflower it is! Luckily, you can use this guide to help you identify it. 🙂 Today, we will look at 59 common wildflowers that are purple in the United States. You will notice a USDA Hardiness Zone for each wildflower listed in the article. This […] The post 59 PURPLE Wildflowers in the United States! (ID Guide) appeared first on Bird Watching HQ.

In the Adriatic Sea, opposite the coastal town of Petrovac in the Montenegrin municipality of Budva, is located the stunning Katič islet. Although it consists of several rocky formations dominated by conifers, Katič provides habitat for a wide range of biodiversity, including (but not limited to) seagrass beds, rocky reefs and marine caves. Meadows of […]

Staten må sikre verdifulle naturområder på Lista! Disse trues ved at Farsund kommune ønsker å bruke områdene til industri og næring gjennom å etablere Lista Energy Park. Naturverdiene er av en slik karakter at de må bevares for ettertiden. BirdLife Norge og Naturvernforbundet ber ødeleggelsene av våtmark stanse.