Blockers - Ærø

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Here you see the species, that are seen by the least amount of participators of the ranking. The definition of a blocker, is a species, that are ticked by max 10% of the participators of the ranking.

This page data is updated automatically a couple of times daily, that's why new ticks may take a while to be included in the results.

# Name Seen by (out of 2)
1 Red-throated Loon (Gavia stellata) 1
2 Black-throated Loon (Gavia arctica) 1
3 Greater Scaup (Aythya marila) 1
4 Common Eider (Somateria mollissima) 1
5 Velvet Scoter (Melanitta fusca) 1
6 Common Scoter (Melanitta nigra) 1
7 Long-tailed Duck (Clangula hyemalis) 1
8 Red-necked Grebe (Podiceps grisegena) 1
9 Eurasian Whimbrel (Numenius phaeopus) 1
10 Common Murre (Uria aalge) 1
11 Razorbill (Alca torda) 1