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Titel: Adult male

Beskrivelse: Another well-known bird from the Kyrgyz winterscapes. But, this time from it's breedinggrounds in Southern Siberia, the beautiful Selenga Delta. Interesting to study the species habitat preference summer and winter. In Siberia it prefers moisture bushy terrain whereas in its winter occurence in Kyrgyzstan prefer tall trees along open water sources (channels, and lakeshores). It was great to visit it's summerpastures in Siberia, and medio November Ill watch it again here! Often wondering from where the kyrgyz wintering Ltl. Rosefinfiches originates... It's one of my favourite species especially in Siberia when I watch it side by side with Dusky Warblers and Black-faced Buntings. is a picnic )with Pied Harrier for desserts)

Uploadet 2013-08-16 Publiceret 2013-08-16 Uragus sibiricus Long-tailed Rosefinch

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