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Gærdesanger (Curruca curruca) Lesser Whitethroat -
Sjældenhed: Almindelig
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Titel: ssp. <i>blythi</i> - confirmed from DNA-analysis

Beskrivelse: For many more photos and detailed description visit <a href="" target="_blank">BirdsDK</a> Possible ‘Central Asian’ Lesser Whitethroat with indication of an eastern origin due to the following field characteristics: • Brown on nape • Lack of contrast between crown and mantle • White throat contrasting with peachy or buffy flanks and breast • Lack of clear dark mask • Lores paler than usual • Sandy or pale to mid-brown upperparts • Short-winged/long-tailed jizz. Biometrics: Wing: 64.0 mm; Tail: 58.2 mm; Tail/wing ratio (x100): 90.9; Bill to skull: 12.2 mm. P2 fall between pp 7 & 8 and almost completely on level with p8. As the identification of vagrant Lesser Whitethroat in Europe is highly complex a DNA sample was collected. Any ID comments are welcome.

Uploadet 2012-11-01 Publiceret 2012-11-01 Sylvia curruca curruca Lesser Whitethroat
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