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Guløjet Skoggerdue (Streptopelia decipiens) Mourning Collared Dove decipiens -
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Titel: First record for WP

Beskrivelse: On the 29th December 2010 I and Dirk Colin where looking for birds in the Village of Abu Simbel (near the Tempel). On one moment I was attracted by a strange call somewhere in a tree. I shouted to Dirk to come and listen to this call. Suddenly the bird left the tree and we could see that it was in fact probable a (African) Collared Dove. We found also a second Dove. From that moment they where seen in displaying flights and where very regular calling. Also with this kurrrrrr call. (follow this link for knowing what I mean for example the sound recording from Marc De Bont); Because we had at that moment no African Bird Guide and no experience about the call we thought first this are <b>African Collared Doves</b> <i>Streptopelia roseogrisea</i>. But there was something puzzling me. After I went back home I checked my photographs and the call on the Internet. And now I was shocked It was indeed <b>African Mourning Dove</b> <i>Streptopelia decipiens</i> - A first for the WP!! See also the photographs on this website: So, Now we have another Dove that sneaks in to the WP. So Birders are to be alert when they see there a probable Afr. Collared Dove, because it could be the other one. Regards, Kris De Rouck, Belgium

Uploadet 2011-01-10 Publiceret 2011-01-10 Streptopelia decipiens Mourning Collared Dove

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