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Lesser Spotted Woodpecker (Dryobates minor)

Order: Dryobates minor
Family: Woodpeckers (Picidae)

Danske navn: Lille Flagspætte

Voices can be found here (external link)
Subspecies and Distribution
Subspecie Distribution
comminutus England and Wales
minor Scandinavia and ne Poland to the Ural Mts. (Russia)
kamtschatkensis Ural Mts. to the Sea of Okhotsk and n Mongolia
immaculatus Anadyr Basin and Kamchatka Pen. (e Siberia
amurensis ne China, Siberia, Korea and Hokkaido (Japan)
hortorum c Europe
buturlini s Europe
danfordi c and e Greece and Turkey
colchicus Caucasus and Transcaucasia (sw Asia)
quadrifasciatus se Azerbaijan (sw Asia)
hyrcanus n Iran
morgani sw Iran
ledouci nw Africa