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Bananaquit (Coereba flaveola)

Order: Coereba flaveola
Family: Tanagers & Allies (Thraupidae)

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Subspecies and Distribution
Subspecie Distribution
bahamensis Bahamas
caboti e Yucatán Pen. (se Mexico) and nearby islands
flaveola Jamaica
sharpei Cayman Is.
bananivora Hispaniola and nearby islands
nectarea Tortue I. (off nw Haiti)
portoricensis Puerto Rico
sanctithomae n Virgin Is. (also Vieques and Culebra off of Puerto Rico)
newtoni St. Croix (s Virgin Is.)
bartholemica n and c Lesser Antilles
martinicana Martinique and St. Lucia (sc Lesser Antilles)
barbadensis Barbados
atrata St. Vincent (s Lesser Antilles)
aterrima Grenada and the Grenadines (s Lesser Antilles)
uropygialis Aruba and Curaçao (Netherlands Antilles)
tricolor Providencia I. (off e Nicaragua)
oblita San Andrés I. (off e Nicaragua)
mexicana se Mexico to w Panama
cerinoclunis Pearl Is. (south of Panama)
columbiana e Panama to sw Colombia and s Venezuela
bonairensis Bonaire I. (Netherlands Antilles)
melanornis Cayo Sal I. (off n Venezuela)
lowii Los Roques Is. (off n Venezuela)
ferryi La Tortuga I. (off n Venezuela)
frailensis Los Frailes and Los Hermanos Is. (off n Venezuela)
laurae Los Testigos (off n Venezuela)
luteola coastal n Colombia and n Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago
obscura ne Colombia and w Venezuela
minima e Colombia and s Venezuela to French Guiana and nc Brazil
montana Andes of nw Venezuela
caucae w Colombia
gorgonae Gorgona I. (off w Colombia)
intermedia sw Colombia, w Ecuador and n Peru east to s Venezuela and w Brazil
bolivari e Venezuela
guianensis se Venezuela to Guyana
roraimae tepui regions of se Venezuela, sw Guyana and n Brazil
pacifica w Peru
magnirostris n Peru
dispar nc Peru to w Bolivia
chloropyga ec Peru to c Bolivia and east to e Brazil n Uruguay, ne Argentina and Paraguay
alleni e Bolivia to c Brazil