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European Goldfinch (Carduelis carduelis)

Order: Carduelis carduelis
Family: Finches, Euphonias (Fringillidae)

Danske navn: Stillits

Voices can be found here (external link)
Subspecies and Distribution
Subspecie Distribution
britannica British Isles, nw France and w Netherlands
carduelis s Scandinavia to c France and Italy and east to c European Russia
parva sw Europe, nw Africa, Madeira, Balearic and Canary Is.
tschusii Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily
balcanica Balkans, Greece, Crete and nw Turkey
niediecki Middle East
brevirostris e Turkey, s Caucasus and n Iran
colchica n Caucasus and Crimea (s Ukraine)
volgensis s Ukraine, s European Russia and nw Kazakhstan
frigoris sw and sc Siberia
paropanisi w Turkmenistan and e Iran to nw China
subulata ne Kazakhstan, sc Siberia and w Mongolia
caniceps w Pakistan to nw Himalayas, sw Tibet and c Nepal
ultima s Iran