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Hermit Thrush (Catharus guttatus)

Order: Catharus guttatus
Family: Thrushes (Turdidae)

Danske navn: Eremitdrossel

Voices can be found here (external link)
Subspecies and Distribution
Subspecie Distribution
guttatus s Alaska and w Canada (sw Yukon, sc BC)
nanus se Alaska and coastal w Canada
slevini Cascade and coastal ranges of w USA from w Washington to n and wc California
sequoiensis Sierra Nevada of c, e California to s California mountains (w USA).
polionotus mountains of w USA from e Washington to ec California and sw Utah
auduboni Rocky Mts. of nw and wc USA and sw Canada
faxoni nw and e Canada from Yukon to the Maritimes, e USA
crymophilus Newfoundland