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Zitting Cisticola (Cisticola juncidis)

Order: Cisticola juncidis
Family: Cisticolas & Allies (Cisticolidae)

Danske navn: Cistussanger

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Subspecies and Distribution
Subspecie Distribution
cisticola w France, Iberian Pen., Balearic Is. and nw Africa
juncidis s France to Turkey and Syria, also Egypt and large Mediterranean islands
uropygialis Senegal and Gambia to Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania and Nigeria
terrestris Gabon and Congo to s Tanzania and south to South Africa
neuroticus Cyprus, Lebanon and Israel to w Iran
cursitans e Afghanistan to n Myanmar and s China and south to se India and dry lowlands of Sri Lanka
salimalii sw India
omalurus Sri Lanka (except dry lowlands)
brunniceps s Korea, Japan and Batan I. (n Philippines)
tinnabulans se China and Taiwan to Thailand, Indochina and the Philippines (except Batan I. and the Palawan Is.)
nigrostriatus Palawan Is.
malaya Nicobar Is., se Myanmar, sw Thailand, the Malay Pen. and the Greater Sundas
fuscicapilla e Java, the Kangean Is. and lesser Sundas
constans Sulawesi and nearby islands
leanyeri nc Australia
normani nw Queensland n to ne Australia
laveryi ne Australia, sc New Guinea