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Billede information:
Fugleart: Brun Tornskade - (Lanius cristatus) - Brown Shrike
Fugleart (IOC): Brun Tornskade (Lanius cristatus) Brown Shrike - species factsheet
Stemme: Stemmer findes her (eksternt link).
Lokalitet: Gayana Island, Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia
Dato: ? februar 2012
Fotograf: Mark Walker, Danmark
Uploadet den: 10. marts 2012
Hits: Billedet har været vist 2426 gange.
DK List Ranking: Set af 293 ud af totalt 1506 personer!
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Mark Walker skriver lørdag 10. marts 2012 kl. 14.07
ssp. Confusus

Bent Bøggild Pedersen skriver lørdag 10. marts 2012 kl. 20.13
In my opinion ssp. superciliosus

In "Shrikes - A Guide to the Shrikes of the World" (1997) the text for this ssp. says: "Upperparts much more rufous than in other races and the white frontal patch wider; underparts also more rufous"

In "The Howard and Moore Complete Checklist of the Birds of the World" (2003) the winter quarters for the four subspecies are given as: "S and SE Asia" (ssp. cristatus), "Thailand, Malay Pen., Sumatra" (ssp. confusus), "Philippines, N Borneo, N Sulawesi, N Moluccas" (ssp. lucionensis), and "Sundas" (ssp. superciliosus)

Mark Walker skriver tirsdag 13. marts 2012 kl. 14.19
L. c.. cristatus after double checking with my local contact in Borneo.

Bent Bøggild Pedersen skriver tirsdag 13. marts 2012 kl. 16.26
Only one subspecies is looking like your Brown Shrike from Borneo, and that is superciliosus, not cristatus

Jens Thalund skriver tirsdag 13. marts 2012 kl. 16.53
I have seen a few superciliosus birds in South Korea, and they were much more warm rufous/reddish brown above than this bird, so I would rule out that ssp.

Mark Walker skriver tirsdag 13. marts 2012 kl. 17.40
Hi Bent,

I agree with Jens on the Rufus/Brown aspect, but I am no expect. However my local contract is one of the "guns" and at the top end of the lst of species seen in Borneo and when it comes to Borneo and its birds, so I trust his judgement.

Best Regards, Mark

Jan Jörgensen skriver tirsdag 13. marts 2012 kl. 18.11
Hi all.
I´m also under the impression that superciliosus has obviously more rufous/reddish on crown and upperparts than shown in Marks bird, but then again I´m not an expert on Brown Shrikes. However, how well can can such an image be trusted regarding true colour, only Mark would know. it´s a well known fact that cristatus can show similar underparts colour as MArks bird.
Apparently a difficult complex with a certain degree of ingergrades.
According to this article lucionensis winters in Borneo and might look similar regarding crown pattern, however, not the rest of the upperparts.
Another another piece here


Jan Jörgensen skriver tirsdag 13. marts 2012 kl. 19.06
Watch out, I took the liberty to put it on Surfbirds Forum for more opinions.


Jan Jörgensen skriver torsdag 15. marts 2012 kl. 12.41
Take a look at Alan Dean´s thoughts here


Mark Walker skriver torsdag 15. marts 2012 kl. 18.17
Hi Jan,

Excellent article from Alan. Just to assist, the photo is as taken on the day, there have not been any changes to contrast, hue etc. Hoveder, the photo was taken early afternoon when the sun was high and very bright.

Regards, Mark

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