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Danske årsarter 2009

Herunder er det muligt at vælge blandt en række andre artslister. Bl.a. diverse regionsartslister, årsartslister etc.

Henrik Højholm

The list below contains all tickable species recorded in Denmark. If the birder has seen a species 2003, it is indicated in two ways. In the left side of the list there will be an 'X' and the name of the species will be written in black. Species not seen by the birder will be written in grey.

A chronological list of Henrik Højholm's ticks can be seen by clicking here: Chronological list of the ticks.

1X Red-throated Loon04-04-2009Lyngvig fyr
2X Black-throated Loon24-01-2009Melby
3 *Pacific Loon  
4X Great Northern Loon16-05-2009Skagen
5X Yellow-billed Loon  
6X Little Grebe03-01-2009Nivå Bugten
7X Great Crested Grebe11-01-2009Køge sydstrand
8X Red-necked Grebe04-04-2009Vest Stadil fjord
9  Horned Grebe  
10X Black-necked Grebe04-04-2009Skjern enge
11 *Black-browed Albatross  
12X Northern Fulmar04-10-2009Gilleleje
13 *Cory's Shearwater  
14 *Great Shearwater  
15X Sooty Shearwater04-10-2009Gilleleje
16  Manx Shearwater  
17 *Balearic Shearwater  
18  European Storm Petrel  
19  Leach's Storm Petrel  
20X Northern Gannet04-04-2009Blåvand
21X Great Cormorant01-01-2009Geels Skov (over teknikerbyen)
22X*European Shag13-10-2009Esbjerg
23 *Dalmatian Pelican  
24 *Magnificent Frigatebird  
25X Eurasian Bittern04-04-2009Vest Stadil fjord
26 *American Bittern  
27 *Little Bittern  
28 *Black-crowned Night Heron  
29 *Squacco Heron  
30 *Western Cattle Egret  
31X Little Egret07-06-2009Møn
32X Great Egret10-05-2009Saltholm
33X Grey Heron02-01-2009Møllevej, Nivå
34 *Purple Heron  
35  Black Stork  
36  White Stork  
37 *Glossy Ibis  
38X Eurasian Spoonbill22-05-2009Vejlerne
39X Mute Swan01-01-2009Geels Skov (overflyvende)
40X Tundra Swan07-03-2009Kongens Mose
41X Whooper Swan03-01-2009Nivå Bugten
42X Tundra Bean Goose04-01-2009Rødby Fjord, Lolland
43  Taiga Bean Goose  
44X Pink-footed Goose04-01-2009Rødby Fjord, Lolland
45X Greater White-fronted Goose04-01-2009Maribo Søerne, Lolland
46  Lesser White-fronted Goose  
47X Greylag Goose04-01-2009Maribo søerne, Lolland
48X Canada Goose03-01-2009Nivå Bugten
49X Barnacle Goose04-01-2009Rødby Fjord, Lolland
50X Brant Goose03-04-2009Sneum sluse
51  Red-breasted Goose  
52X Egyptian Goose04-06-2009Sneum Sluse
53X Ruddy Shelduck01-08-2009Forland ved Magrethe kog
54X Common Shelduck07-03-2009Ballum Sluse
55  Mandarin Duck  
56X Eurasian Wigeon04-01-2009Rødby havn, Lolland
57 *American Wigeon  
58X Gadwall04-01-2009Maribo søerne, Lolland
59 *Baikal Teal  
60X Eurasian Teal04-01-2009Maribo søerne, Lolland
61X Green-winged Teal03-04-2009Sneum sluse
62X Mallard02-01-2009Hornbæk Havn
63X Northern Pintail11-01-2009Ølsemagle revle
64X Garganey05-04-2009Gl. hviding engsø
65 *Blue-winged Teal  
66X Northern Shoveler04-01-2009Maribo søerne, Lolland
67X Red-crested Pochard04-01-2009Maribo søerne, Lolland
68X Common Pochard04-01-2009Maribo søerne, Lolland
69 *Ring-necked Duck  
70 *Ferruginous Duck  
71X Tufted Duck03-01-2009Nivå Bugten
72X Greater Scaup03-01-2009Nivå Bugten
73 *Lesser Scaup  
74X Common Eider01-01-2009Melby
75  King Eider  
76 *Steller's Eider  
77X Long-tailed Duck24-01-2009Lynæs
78X Common Scoter01-01-2009Melby
79X*Black Scoter01-01-2009Melby
80 *Surf Scoter  
81X Velvet Scoter01-01-2009Melby
82X*White-winged Scoter12-10-2009Blåvand
83X Common Goldeneye03-01-2009Nivå bugten
84X Smew04-01-2009Maribo søerne, Lolland
85X Red-breasted Merganser04-01-2009Rødby havn, Lolland
86X Common Merganser04-01-2009Maribo søerne, Lolland
87 *Ruddy Duck  
88X European Honey-buzzard16-05-2009Skagen
89 *Black-winged Kite  
90X Black Kite18-05-2009Skagen
91X Red Kite04-01-2009Maribo søerne, Lolland
92X White-tailed Eagle04-01-2009Maribo søerne, Lolland
93 *Egyptian Vulture  
94 *Griffon Vulture  
95 *Short-toed Snake Eagle  
96X Western Marsh Harrier04-04-2009Vest stadil fjord
97X Hen Harrier04-01-2009Maribo søerne, Lolland
98X Pallid Harrier02-08-2009Ballum Enge
99X Montagu's Harrier19-05-2009Skagen
100X Northern Goshawk04-01-2009Maribo søerne, Lolland
101X Eurasian Sparrowhawk04-01-2009Maribo søerne, Lolland
102X Common Buzzard Helsinge
103 *Long-legged Buzzard  
104X Rough-legged Buzzard03-01-2009Nivå Bugten
105 *Greater Spotted Eagle  
106X Lesser Spotted Eagle19-04-2009Hesbjrg
107 *Booted Eagle  
108  Golden Eagle  
109 *Bonelli's Eagle  
110 *Steppe Eagle  
111 *Eastern Imperial Eagle  
112X Western Osprey08-04-2009Gilbjerg
113 *Lesser Kestrel  
114X Common Kestrel02-01-2009Møllevej, Nivå
115 *American Kestrel  
116  Red-footed Falcon  
117X Merlin09-04-2009Gilbjerg
118X Eurasian Hobby15-05-2009Skagen
119 *Eleonora's Falcon  
120 *Saker Falcon  
121 *Gyrfalcon  
122X Peregrine Falcon08-03-2009Sneum SLuse
123 *Black Grouse  
124X Grey Partridge04-01-2009Rødby fjord, Lolland
125X Common Quail02-08-2009Ballum Enge
126X Common Pheasant04-01-2009Maribo søerne, Lolland
127X Water Rail04-01-2009Maribo søerne, Lolland
128X Spotted Crake06-09-2009Ishøj
129 *Little Crake  
130 *Baillon's Crake  
131X Corn Crake07-06-2009Holmegarrds mose
132X Common Moorhen04-01-2009Maribo søerne, Lolland
133 *Allen's Gallinule  
134X Eurasian Coot02-01-2009Hornbæk Havn
135X Common Crane07-03-2009Kongens Mose
136 *Sandhill Crane  
137 *Demoiselle Crane  
138 *Little Bustard  
139 *Macqueen's Bustard  
140 *Great Bustard  
141X Eurasian Oystercatcher10-01-2009Lynæs
142 *Black-winged Stilt  
143X Pied Avocet08-03-2009Sneum Sluse
144 *Eurasian Stone-curlew  
145 *Cream-coloured Courser  
146 *Collared Pratincole  
147 *Oriental Pratincole  
148 *Black-winged Pratincole  
149X Little Ringed Plover10-05-2009Ishøj strand
150X Common Ringed Plover08-03-2009Sneum Sluse
151X Kentish Plover05-04-2009Rømø
152 *Lesser Sand Plover  
153 *Greater Sand Plover  
154X Eurasian Dotterel22-05-2009Thorup fjordholme
155 *Pacific Golden Plover  
156 *American Golden Plover  
157X European Golden Plover07-03-2009Magrethe kog
158X Grey Plover18-05-2009Skagen
159 *Sociable Lapwing  
160 *White-tailed Lapwing  
161X Northern Lapwing06-03-2009Rejseby
162X Red Knot07-03-2009Ballum Sluse
163X Sanderling04-01-2009Rødby havn, Lolland
164 *Semipalmated Sandpiper  
165 *Red-necked Stint  
166X Little Stint01-08-2009Rømø
167X Temminck's Stint15-05-2009Ishøj strand
168 *White-rumped Sandpiper  
169 *Baird's Sandpiper  
170  Pectoral Sandpiper  
171 *Sharp-tailed Sandpiper  
172X Curlew Sandpiper01-08-2009Magrethe Kog
173X Purple Sandpiper04-01-2009Rødby havn, Lolland
174X Dunlin11-01-2009Ølsømagle revle
175X Broad-billed Sandpiper01-08-2009Magrethe Kog
176 *Stilt Sandpiper  
177 *Buff-breasted Sandpiper  
178X Ruff03-04-2009Sneum sluse
179X Jack Snipe10-10-2009Blåvand - mosen
180X Common Snipe03-01-2009Nivå Bugten
181  Great Snipe  
182 *Long-billed Dowitcher  
183X Eurasian Woodcock07-03-2009Kongens Mose
184X Black-tailed Godwit04-04-2009Værnengene
185 *Hudsonian Godwit  
186X Bar-tailed Godwit01-08-2009Magrethe Kog
187X Whimbrel04-04-2009Skjern enge
188X Eurasian Curlew07-03-2009Ballum Sluse
189 *Upland Sandpiper  
190 *Terek Sandpiper  
191X Common Sandpiper16-05-2009Skagen
192 *Spotted Sandpiper  
193X Green Sandpiper10-04-2009Gilbjerg
194X Spotted Redshank05-04-2009Saltvandssøen
195X Common Greenshank05-04-2009Saltvandssøen
196 *Lesser Yellowlegs  
197  Marsh Sandpiper  
198X Wood Sandpiper01-08-2009Magrethe Kog
199X Common Redshank10-01-2009Lynæs
200X Ruddy Turnstone08-03-2009Esbjerg havn
201 *Wilson's Phalarope  
202  Red-necked Phalarope  
203X Red Phalarope11-10-2009Blåvand
204  Pomarine Jaeger  
205X Parasitic Jaeger16-05-2009Skagen
206X Long-tailed Jaeger06-09-2009Gilbjerghoved
207X Great Skua04-10-2009Gilleleje
208 *Ivory Gull  
209  Sabine's Gull  
210X Black-legged Kittiwake16-05-2009Skagen
211 *Slender-billed Gull  
212 *Bonaparte's Gull  
213X Black-headed Gull02-01-2009Hornbæk Havn
214X Little Gull18-05-2009Skagen
215 *Ross's Gull  
216 *Laughing Gull  
217 *Franklin's Gull  
218X Mediterranean Gull08-03-2009Sneum Sluse
219 *Audouin's Gull  
220 *Pallas's Gull  
221X Mew Gull02-01-2009Møllevej, Nivå
222 *Ring-billed Gull  
223X Lesser Black-backed Gull05-04-2009Saltvandssøen
224X European Herring Gull02-01-2009Hornbæk Havn
225  Yellow-legged Gull  
226X Caspian Gull20-09-2009Sanddobberne
227  Iceland Gull  
228X Glaucous Gull10-01-2009Hundested Havn
229X Great Black-backed Gull02-01-2009Hornbæk Havn
230 *Glaucous-winged Gull  
231 *Bridled Tern  
232X Little Tern10-05-2009Saltholm
233  Gull-billed Tern  
234X Caspian Tern10-05-2009Saltholm
235 *Whiskered Tern  
236X Black Tern17-05-2009Skagen
237  White-winged Tern  
238X Sandwich Tern04-04-2009Lyngvig fyr
239 *Elegant Tern  
240X Common Tern18-04-2009Vejlesø ved "Holte Havn"
241 *Roseate Tern  
242X Arctic Tern10-04-2009Gilbjerg
243X Common Murre10-01-2009Hundested Havn
244 *Thick-billed Murre  
245X Razorbill18-05-2009Skagen
246X Black Guillemot16-05-2009Skagen
247X Little Auk04-10-2009Gilleleje
248  Atlantic Puffin  
249 *Pallas's Sandgrouse  
250X Rock Dove10-01-2009Holte
251X Stock Dove07-03-2009Draved Skov
252X Common Wood Pigeon01-01-2009Skovskellet, Holte
253X Eurasian Collared Dove07-03-2009Brøns
254  European Turtle Dove  
255 *Oriental Turtle Dove  
256 *Mourning Dove  
257 *Great Spotted Cuckoo  
258X Common Cuckoo11-05-2009Saltholm
259 *Black-billed Cuckoo  
260 *Yellow-billed Cuckoo  
261X Western Barn Owl03-04-2009Esbjerg og omegn
262 *Eurasian Scops Owl  
263X Eurasian Eagle-Owl07-03-2009Kongens Mose
264 *Snowy Owl  
265 *Northern Hawk-owl  
266 *Eurasian Pygmy Owl  
267X Little Owl23-05-2009Føvling
268X Tawny Owl25-01-2009Skovskellet, Holte
269  Long-eared Owl  
270X Short-eared Owl11-01-2009Ølsømagle revle
271  Boreal Owl  
272X European Nightjar23-04-2009Plantage ved oksbøl
273 *Egyptian Nightjar  
274 *White-throated Needletail  
275X Common Swift10-05-2009Saltholm
276 *Pallid Swift  
277 *Pacific Swift  
278 *Alpine Swift  
279 *Little Swift  
280X Common Kingfisher03-01-2009Raadvad (Mathildebro)
281 *Blue-cheeked Bee-eater  
282  European Bee-eater  
283 *European Roller  
284X Eurasian Hoopoe16-04-2009Værløse golfklub
285X Eurasian Wryneck10-05-2009Saltholm
286 *Northern Flicker  
287  European Green Woodpecker  
288X Black Woodpecker07-03-2009Brøns Mølleskov
289X Great Spotted Woodpecker01-01-2009Geels Skov
290 *Middle Spotted Woodpecker  
291X Lesser Spotted Woodpecker05-04-2009Draved skov
292 *Eurasian Three-toed Woodpecker  
293 *Bimaculated Lark  
294X*Greater Short-toed Lark15-05-2009Ishøj strand
295X Crested Lark15-05-2009Hirtshals
296X Woodlark07-03-2009Brøns Mølleskov
297X Eurasian Skylark04-01-2009Rødby fjord, Lolland
298X Horned Lark07-03-2009Ballum Sluse
299X Sand Martin10-05-2009Saltholm
300 *Eurasian Crag Martin  
301X Barn Swallow05-04-2009Saltvandssøen
302X Common House Martin11-04-2009Gilbjerg
303  Red-rumped Swallow  
304X Richard's Pipit11-10-2009Skallingen
305 *Blyth's Pipit  
306  Tawny Pipit  
307 *Olive-backed Pipit  
308X Tree Pipit08-04-2009Gilbjerg
309X Meadow Pipit07-03-2009Ballum sluse
310X Red-throated Pipit18-05-2009Skagen
311X Eurasian Rock Pipit04-01-2009Rødby havn, Lolland
312X Water Pipit02-01-2009Hornbæk Havn
313X Western Yellow Wagtail10-05-2009Saltholm
314 *Citrine Wagtail  
315X Grey Wagtail02-01-2009Hornbæk Havn
316X White Wagtail02-01-2009Hornbæk Havn
317X Bohemian Waxwing Borupvang, Ballerup
318X White-throated Dipper03-01-2009Raadvad
319X Eurasian Wren03-01-2009Nivå Bugten
320X Dunnock28-03-2009Haven
321 *Siberian Accentor  
322 *Alpine Accentor  
323X European Robin02-01-2009Møllevej, Nivå
324 *Rufous-tailed Robin  
325X Thrush Nightingale10-05-2009Saltholm
326  Common Nightingale  
327 *Siberian Rubythroat  
328X Bluethroat03-04-2009Tarp Enge
329 *Red-flanked Bluetail  
330X Black Redstart04-04-2009Blåvand
331X Common Redstart10-05-2009Saltholm
332X Whinchat10-05-2009Saltholm
333X European Stonechat04-04-2009Lyngvig fyr
334 *Siberian Stonechat  
335 *Stejneger’s Stonechat  
336 *Isabelline Wheatear  
337X Northern Wheatear04-04-2009Blåvand
338 *Pied Wheatear  
339 *Black-eared Wheatear  
340 *Desert Wheatear  
341 *White-crowned Wheatear  
342 *Common Rock Thrush  
343 *White's Thrush  
344 *Swainson's Thrush  
345X Ring Ouzel04-04-2009Lyngvig fyr
346X Common Blackbird01-01-2009Skovskellet, Holte
347 *Eyebrowed Thrush  
348 *Dusky Thrush  
349X*Black-throated Thrush01-01-2009Møllevej, Nivå
350X Fieldfare02-01-2009Møllevej, Nivå
351X Song Thrush07-03-2009Kalby skov
352X Redwing07-01-2009Borupvang, Ballerup
353X Mistle Thrush07-03-2009Kalby skov
354 *American Robin  
355 *Zitting Cisticola  
356 *Lanceolated Warbler  
357X Common Grasshopper Warbler19-05-2009Skagen
358X River Warbler21-06-2009Steholts indelukke
359  Savi's Warbler  
360 *Gray's Grasshopper Warbler  
361 *Aquatic Warbler  
362X Sedge Warbler18-05-2009Skagen
363 *Paddyfield Warbler  
364 *Blyth's Reed Warbler  
365X Marsh Warbler22-05-2009Vejlerne
366X Eurasian Reed Warbler16-05-2009Skagen
367X Great Reed Warbler07-06-2009Gurre Sø
368 *Eastern Olivaceous Warbler  
369 *Booted Warbler  
370X Icterine Warbler23-05-2009Blåvand
371 *Melodious Warbler  
372 *Marmora's Warbler  
373 *Subalpine Warbler  
374 *Sardinian Warbler  
375 *Rüppell's Warbler  
376 *Asian Desert Warbler  
377  Barred Warbler  
378X Lesser Whitethroat10-05-2009Saltholm
379X Common Whitethroat10-05-2009Saltholm
380X Garden Warbler10-05-2009Saltholm
381X Eurasian Blackcap12-04-2009Skovskellet, Holte
382 *Green Warbler  
383X Greenish Warbler Møns Klint
384 *Arctic Warbler  
385  Pallas's Leaf Warbler  
386  Yellow-browed Warbler  
387 *Hume's Leaf Warbler  
388 *Radde's Warbler  
389 *Dusky Warbler  
390 *Sulphur-bellied Warbler  
391 *Western Bonelli's Warbler  
392X Wood Warbler16-05-2009Skagen
393X Common Chiffchaff04-01-2009Rødby havn, Lolland
394 *Iberian Chiffchaff  
395X Willow Warbler13-04-2009Pinseskoven
396X Goldcrest01-01-2009Geels Skov
397X Common Firecrest12-04-2009Geels skov
398 *Asian Brown Flycatcher  
399X Spotted Flycatcher10-05-2009Saltholm
400X Red-breasted Flycatcher31-05-2009Stenholtvang
401X Collared Flycatcher19-04-2009Harager hegn
402X European Pied Flycatcher10-04-2009Gilbjerg
403X Bearded Reedling21-03-2009Pøleåens udløb arresø
404X Long-tailed Tit07-03-2009Draved skov
405X Eurasian Blue Tit01-01-2009Skovskellet, Holte
406X Great Tit01-01-2009Skovskellet, Holte
407X European Crested Tit04-04-2009Blåvand
408X Coal Tit10-01-2009Stængehus
409X Marsh Tit04-01-2009Maribo søerne, Lolland
410X Willow Tit07-03-2009Skast mose
411X Eurasian Nuthatch03-01-2009Raadvad
412X Eurasian Treecreeper01-01-2009Geels Skov
413X Short-toed Treecreeper07-03-2009Draved skov
414X Eurasian Penduline Tit13-04-2009Grønjords søen
415X Eurasian Golden Oriole18-05-2009Skagen
416 *Brown Shrike  
417 *Isabelline Shrike  
418X Red-backed Shrike10-05-2009Saltholm
419 *Long-tailed Shrike  
420 *Lesser Grey Shrike  
421X Great Grey Shrike07-03-2009Kongens Mose
422 *Steppe Grey Shrike  
423X*Woodchat Shrike23-05-2009Blåvand
424X Eurasian Jay01-01-2009Geels Skov
425X Eurasian Magpie01-01-2009Skovskellet, Holte
426  Spotted Nutcracker  
427X Western Jackdaw01-01-2009Geels Skov
428 *Daurian Jackdaw  
429X Rook03-01-2009Nivå Bugten
430X Carrion Crow04-01-2009Rødby havn, Lolland
431X Hooded Crow01-01-2009Helsinge
432X Northern Raven03-01-2009Raadvad
433 *Spotless Starling  
434X Common Starling06-03-2009Rejsby
435  Rosy Starling  
436X House Sparrow11-01-2009Stevns
437X Eurasian Tree Sparrow02-01-2009Hornbæk Havn
438 *White-winged Snowfinch  
439 *Red-eyed Vireo  
440X Common Chaffinch04-01-2009Maribo søerne, Lolland
441X Brambling07-03-2009Kalby skov
442X European Serin21-05-2009Skagen
443X European Greenfinch04-01-2009Rødby havn, Lolland
444X European Goldfinch21-03-2009Gilbjerg
445X Eurasian Siskin01-01-2009Geels Skov
446X Common Linnet07-03-2009Ballum sluse
447X Twite04-01-2009Rødby havn, Lolland
448X Lesser Redpoll05-04-2009Draved skov
449X Common Redpoll21-03-2009Gilbjerg
450  Arctic Redpoll  
451  Two-barred Crossbill  
452X Red Crossbill07-03-2009Kalby skov
453X Parrot Crossbill08-04-2009Gilbjerg
454 *Trumpeter Finch  
455X Common Rosefinch21-05-2009Skagen
456 *Pine Grosbeak  
457X Eurasian Bullfinch07-03-2009Kalby skov
458X Hawfinch04-01-2009Maribo søerne, Lolland
459 *Blackpoll Warbler  
460 *White-throated Sparrow  
461 *Dark-eyed Junco  
462X Lapland Longspur20-09-2009Røsnæs
463X Snow Bunting11-01-2009Ølsømagle revle
464 *Pine Bunting  
465X Yellowhammer04-01-2009Rødby havn, Lolland
466 *Cirl Bunting  
467 *Rock Bunting  
468 *Cinereous Bunting  
469X Ortolan Bunting15-05-2009Skagen
470 *Yellow-browed Bunting  
471 *Rustic Bunting  
472 *Little Bunting  
473 *Yellow-breasted Bunting  
474X Common Reed Bunting07-03-2009Ballum sluse
475X*Black-headed Bunting05-06-2009Nr. Snede
476X Corn Bunting07-03-2009Rejsby
477 *Rose-breasted Grosbeak  

Henrik Højholm have ticked 259 species at his Danske årsarter 2009.

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