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Great White Pelican, Denmark 19th of July 2007 Photo: Clausjannic Labuz

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Updated by: Rafael Armada (RA), Aurélien Audevard (AA), Joachim Bertrands (JoB), Magnus Christofer Bladh (MCB), Gábor Bodor (GB), Edward Bonavia (EB), Richard Bonser (RB), Brynjúlfur Brynjólfsson (BB), Bosse Carlsson (BS), Simon Sigaard Christiansen (SSC), Markus Craig (MC), Szilard J. Daroczi (SJD), Gerald Driessens (GD), Richard Ek (RE), Janus Ethelberg (JEt), Frode Falkenberg (FF), Tommy Frandsen (TF), Michael Fricke (MF), Didier Godreau (DG), Zbigniew Kajzer (ZK), Jens Søgaard Hansen (JSH), Morten Bentzon Hansen (MBH), Yann Kolbeinsson (YK), Alexandre Hespanhol Leitão (AL), Pawel Malczyk (PM), Rune Sø Neergaard (RSN), Kenneth Rude Nielsen (KRN), Benoit Paepegaey (BP), Yoav Perlman (YP), Cosme Damián Romai-Cousido (CDRC), Louis Sallé (LS), Markku Santamaa (MS), Ferran López Sanz (FLS), Rasmus Strack (RS), Anders Søgaard (ANS), Pieter van Veelen (PV), Steven Wytema (SW).

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Latest uploaded WP observations
Tuesday May 23rd 2017
13:23 LS 22/5 Eastern Bonelli's Warbler 1, Vic-la-Gardiole (Hérault), France. Song recorded (see below), might be the first confirmed record for France. (seen/heard by: S. Wroza, JY Barnagaud, F. Veyrunes)
Monday May 22nd 2017
22:11 JoB 22/5 Northern Wheatear 1 ad male, Den Haag, Netherlands. ***MEGA***: SEEBOHM'S Wheatear (Oenanthe (oenanthe) seebohmi), discovered this morning and finally relocated this evening. First for the Netherlands if accepted!. (updated: 22/5 22:13 JoB)
Friday May 19th 2017
13:47 LS 18/5 Black Wheatear 1, Saint-Étienne-de-Baïgorry / Pyrénées-Atlantiques, France. If accepted, will be the first french record since 1997 of this formerly breeding species (!). (seen/heard by: H. Darmandieu)
12:07 LS 19/5 Cream-coloured Courser 1, Lumio (Corsica), France. Present for 5 days. (seen/heard by: C. Morvan)
Tuesday May 16th 2017
22:57 DM 14/5 Red-winged Blackbird 1 Female, Garso, North Ronaldsay, Orkney Is., Scotland. 1st for UK and WP. (seen/heard by: David Monticelli) (updated: 16/5 22:58 DM)
08:30 SW 16/5 Semipalmated Sandpiper 1, Arcen, Limburg, Netherlands. 12th for the Netherlands, first for the province of Limburg.
08:29 SW 15/5 Semipalmated Sandpiper 1, Arcen, Limburg, Netherlands. 12th for the Netherlands, first for the province of Limburg.
Monday May 15th 2017
17:06 ZK 15/5 Subalpine Warbler 1 male, Hel, Gdańsk Bay, Poland. 6th record for Poland. (seen/heard by: Mikołaj Koss)
Monday May 8th 2017
20:54 ZK 6/5 Greater Short-toed Lark 1, Babule, Mielec, Poland. 15th record for Poland. (seen/heard by: Tomasz Świątek, Adam Kut, Ryszard Dworak)
20:53 ZK 6/5 Western Bonelli's Warbler 1 male, Krynica Morska, Vistula Spit, Poland. 9th record for Poland. (seen/heard by: Marcin Faber)
20:51 ZK 6/5 American Scoter 1 adult male, Pobierowo, Rewal, Poland. 9th record for Poland. (seen/heard by: Zbigniew Kajzer)
20:49 ZK 7/5 Steppe Eagle 1 juv. (2cy), Sarnów, Gliwice, Upper Silesia, Poland. 17th record for Poland and first since 2009. (seen/heard by: Gwidon Gaudnik)
19:43 SJD 8/5 Great Spotted Cuckoo 1 adult 1st for Romania, Gura Dobrogei, Romania. Found by Rolf Nessing and others days ago, relocated today.
Sunday May 7th 2017
12:20 SJD 5/5 White-tailed Lapwing 1 adult nuptial, Măxineni Fishpond, Corbu Nou area, Romania.
12:19 SJD 3/5 Siberian Stonechat 1 adult male, Vadu, Black Sea shore, Romania. ssp. variegatus/armenicus.
12:18 SJD 2/5 Siberian Stonechat 1 adult female, Tuzla, Constanța, Romania.
11:34 SJD 2/5 Arctic Tern 1 adult Roosting in the evening in a Common Ternc colony, Vadu, Romania. Not relocated in the two next days..
11:31 SJD 1/5 Pallid Swift 2 (adult), Ostrov, Romania. Min. 2 ex. Probable breeding together with Common Swifts in buildings, in Silistra (Bulgaria).
11:28 SJD 29/4 Pallid Swift 1 adult, Arsa, Constanța, Romania.
11:26 SJD 28/4 Cinereous Vulture 1 reported as adult, Ciuta, Buzău, Romania. with wingtag. (seen/heard by: Heijnen Tom)
Friday April 28th 2017
19:56 LS 28/4 Lesser Short-toed Lark 1, Gillonay (Isère), France. still present . (seen/heard by: L. Sallé, Y. Becker, D. De Souza)
16:58 SW 28/4 Blue-cheeked Bee-eater 1, Vegas Altas, Extremadura, Spain. 1st for Extremadura.
Thursday April 27th 2017
16:36 LS 27/4 Lesser Short-toed Lark 1, Gillonay (Isère), France. still present . (seen/heard by: Yann Dubois, Dimdim Davignon et al.)
Wednesday April 26th 2017
10:23 SW 26/4 Blue Rock Thrush 1 2cy male, Vlieland, Netherlands. Second for the Netherlands, very wary bird. After flying SW at 10AM, refound at 14PM about 7km distance at Oude Kooi, where it remained the rest of the day. (updated: 26/4 21:37 SW)
10:23 SW 25/4 Blue Rock Thrush 1 2cy male, Vlieland, Netherlands.
Tuesday April 25th 2017
18:58 LS 25/4 Lesser Short-toed Lark 1, Gillonay (Isère), France. re-IDed from picture (see attached) and confirmed in the field by Paul Dufour. (seen/heard by: N. Biron et al. (finders), P. Dufour)
06:42 ZK 24/4 Laughing Gull 1 ad. summ. plum., Pasłęka mouth, Vistula Lagoon, Poland. 2nd record for Poland. (seen/heard by: Arkadiusz Sikora)
Sunday April 23rd 2017
21:39 GB 23/4 Bonaparte's Gull 1 ad, Hortobagy Fish-ponds, Hungary. First for Hungary, relocated after 14/04.
Friday April 21st 2017
20:22 SJD 19/4 Blue-winged Teal 1 male, Oasi Brabbia VA, Italy. Andrea Viganò.
Wednesday April 19th 2017
23:21 ZK 19/4 Great White Pelican 1 imm., Jedrzejów, Świętokrzyskie, Poland. Present since a week. (seen/heard by: Krzysztof Dudzik et al.)
Saturday April 15th 2017
11:34 AT 15/4 Black-throated Thrush 1 2cy male, Helgoland, Germany. (updated: 19/4 10:29 RSN)
Tuesday April 11th 2017
19:43 ZK 11/4 Red-rumped Swallow 1 ad., Książ Wielki, Miechów, Poland. 14th record for Poland. (seen/heard by: Paweł Malczyk)
17:41 MC 11/4 Black-legged Kittiwake 1 Second summer, Jahra Pools Reserve, Kuwait. Second record for Kuwait, if accepted by KORC!. (seen/heard by: Peter Coulson)
15:17 CH 11/4 Black-browed Albatross 1, Sylt, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Helgoland-bird on its annual trip... present since 10th; today attacked by White-tailed Eagle.
12:30 JoB 11/4 Long-toed Stint 1, Jahra Pools Reserve, Kuwait. Found by the one and only Big Year WP - team!. (seen/heard by: Big Year WP) (updated: 11/4 17:39 MC)
Thursday April 6th 2017
22:57 SiO 6/4 Tundra Swan 1 ad, Heimara Hálsavatn, Sandoy, Faeroes Islands. First for the Faroes. (seen/heard by: Rodmund á Kelduni, Silas Olofson)
09:12 MF 6/4 Black-browed Albatross 1, Helgoland, Germany. still there.
Wednesday April 5th 2017
16:06 CH 5/4 Black-browed Albatross 1, Helgoland, Germany. He's back....
Tuesday April 4th 2017
09:35 MF 2/4 Red-footed Booby 1 ad. white-tailed brown morph , Raso, Cape Verde. (seen/heard by: Martin Gottschling via e-mail)
09:28 MF 31/3 African Collared Dove 1, Mindelo Sewage, Sao Vicente, Cape Verde.
09:27 MF 31/3 American Golden Plover 2, Mindelo Sewage, Sao Vicente, Cape Verde.
Friday March 31st 2017
16:14 MC 31/3 Radde's Accentor 1 ad., Al-Liyah, Kuwait. Third record for Kuwait, if accepted by KORC!. (seen/heard by: Found by Pekka Fågel and Bassel ?.)
Thursday March 30th 2017
14:14 CH 30/3 Bearded Vulture 1 imm., Wangerooge, Niedersachsen, Germany. unknown origin.
14:13 CH 30/3 Pine Bunting 1 male, Helgoland, Germany.
Wednesday March 29th 2017
12:25 SJD 29/3 Little Bunting 1 adult, Drăușeni (Transylvania), Romania. still present.
12:23 SJD 27/3 Little Bunting 1 adult Feeding together with Tree Sparrows and finches, Drăușeni (Transylvania), Romania. First confirmed record for Romania .
Monday March 27th 2017
09:20 CH 16/1 White-winged Scoter 1 male (most likely ssp. stejnegeri), Adlergrund, Pomeranian Bay, Germany. First for Germany if accepted.
Tuesday March 21st 2017
18:40 MC 21/3 Eastern Bonelli's Warbler 1 ad., Mutla'a Ranch, Kuwait. 3rd record for Kuwait, if accepted by KORC. . (seen/heard by: Markus Craig)
18:38 MC 20/3 Pygmy Cormorant 3 (ad.), Jahra Pools Reserve, Kuwait. 4th record for Kuwait, if accepted by KORC.. (seen/heard by: Abdulrahman Al-Sirhan)
11:45 SW 20/3 Moustached Warbler 1, Biesbosch, Netherlands. 2nd for the Netherlands, Still present and occasionally seen.

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Turkey 23rd of April 2012 Photo: Massimiliano Dettori
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