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WP observations goes Twitter

Artiklen er tilføjet af HKO torsdag 11. februar 2010 kl. 12.32. Læst 7229 gange

All WP observations will from now on automatically be posted on twitter

If you are not already using Twitter you can create an account her: When your account has been created go to and press the button "Follow". You will now receive the latest WP observations from Netfugl on your twitter account.

Cell phones
Many cell phones directly supports Twitter by an application on the phone i.e. HTC Android phones, iPhone, Nokia (6700, 7230) and many other modern cell phones!

If your cell phone does not support twitter by a dedicated application you can use any browser on your phone to follow the WP observations by going to

In some countries you can also receive the tweets (the individual messages from Twitter) as SMS please look here:

You can also follow WPNewsByNetfugl by RSS feed:

20 ways to use Twitter from your mobile phone – Simple Help
There are many pages on the Internet about Twitter and how to follow your favorite tweets. This is one of them clik here

Netfugl team


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