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Birding WP - where to next?

Artiklen er tilføjet af MBH mandag 9. januar 2012 kl. 17.02. Læst 1983 gange
Af Netfugl
Birding WP - where to next?

Netfugl has added a new functionality - WP Help - to help WP birders to decide on which country to go to next if the want as many new WP ticks as possible. Based on your current WP list you can choose a country and see what other birders have ticked as a new species in this country that you lack on your own list.

Simply choose a country and get the list. From the list you can get details on the individual ticks of this species.

You will find a link to the WP Help on left side menu in the buttom. Or you can click here. You need to be logged in to use this functionality!

Be aware that a heavily twitched bird seen by many of the WP-listers will indicate that this bird is fairly common based on the numbers of birders which have ticked the bird in the country. This could be the case with White-Crowned Sparrow in England or White-tailed Tropicbird in the Azores. Surely this is not the case and something you need to have in mind.

Artiklen er senest opdateret: mandag 9. januar 2012 kl. 17.23


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